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“This post continues our Advancing Reliability series highlighting initiatives underway to constantly improve the reliability of the Azure platform. In 2018 we shared steps we’re taking to improve virtual machine (VM) resiliency using live migration. In 2019 we shared how we’re further improving virtual machine resiliency with Project Tardigrade, which identifies host failures and recovers from them through memory-preserving soft kernel reboots. In 2020 we shared our AIOps vision for improving service quality using artificial intelligence. Today, we wanted to provide an update on how these efforts are evolving by introducing Project Narya, an end-to-end prediction, and mitigation service. As I shared at Microsoft Ignite last week, Narya has become an important part of the intelligent infrastructure of Azure. The post that follows was written by Jeffrey He, a Program Manager from our Azure Compute team.”—Mark Russinovich, CTO, Azure

This post includes contributions from Principal Data Scientist Manager Yingnong Dang and Senior Data Scientists Sebastien Levy, Randolph Yao, and Youjiang Wu.

Project Narya is a holistic, end-to-end prediction and mitigation service—named after the “ring of fire” from Lord of the Rings, known to resist the weariness of time. Narya is designed not only to predict and mitigate Azure host