Are you ready to … Power BI!



Are you ready to … Power BI!

Are you ready to … Power BI!

Are you ready to Power BI?

 With the most recent release of Power BI, you really can take advantage of unlocking insights on any data by using the great capabilities provided through the Power BI platform through native apps for Android, IOS, Windows and browser functionality.

As I will be presenting this full day pre-con at some of the SQL Saturday events globally I wanted to share with you the details around what we’ll cover in those events.

In this full day pre-con seminar we’ll cover:

Power BI – getting it right

First we’ll start with an introduction to each of the components of Power BI, you’ll learn about the evolution, how to get access, and how some of the great capabilities are enabled within some of the data visualizations directly in Excel and learn about the differences with the Power BI Desktop application. In this part we’ll also discuss Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map data visualizations, as well as use case scenarios to maximize gaining fast insights into any data.
You’ll get an introduction to Dashboard creation using a variety of data sources including content packs.

Getting your data

You’ll learn how to get access to data from a variety of sources going from Excel Workbooks, Database Sources, SQL Database, HDInsight, Dynamics, Text files, Azure, Facebook and more…
We’ll focus on data gathering best practices, how to perform data transformations, and discuss data refresh capabilities. We’ll drill down into content packs, data connectivity and best practices.

Crafting Data Stories and demo gallery

After understanding the data collection process, let’s drill down into data visualizations, design best practices, and how to build beautiful dashboards and interactive reports that reveal the stories and insights hidden in your data.
Make sure to bring your laptop and download the latest Power BI Designer prior, as you will be challenged in bringing your own creativity to the session and are more than welcome to follow along as we go.

Collaborate and Share

Drill down into the key sharing and collaboration capabilities of Power BI by using dashboards, reports and bringing visualizations across multiple devices. You’ll learn how to share and collaborate, and how do get the maximum out of the Power BI capabilities.

Above and beyond

In this section we’ll cover some deeper technical details, workarounds and strategies on how to get the maximum out of your dashboards. We’ll also talk about API, Content Packs and building your own data visualizations. Do you have any questions about competitive platforms and how Power BI compares or fits into the broader Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics story? You’ll get them answered in this section of our 1 day pre-conference.

In Summary

We’ll open it up for more questions, and make sure you had a great learning experience.

 Upcoming Events:

SQL Saturday Omaha, NE – Pre-Conference, Friday August 15 – Registration Link

SQL Saturday Copenhagen, Denmark – Pre-Conference, Thursday September 17 –





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