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Azure Marketplace new offers: April 16-30
Azure Marketplace new offers: April 16-30

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From April 16 to 30, 15 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

(Basic) Apache NiFi 1.6 on Centos 7.4: A CentOS 7.4 VM running a basic install of Apache NiFi 1.6 using default configurations. Once the virtual machine is deployed and running, Apache NiFi can be accessed by opening a web browser and entering: http://<IP>:8080/nifi in the address bar.

Debian Web Server and mariadb: A ready-to-deploy Debian Web Server with mariadb databases. A web server includes several parts that control how web users access hosted files. MariaDB is a fork of the MySQL relational database management system.

Jamcracker CSB Service Provider Version5: This service provider appliance is a cloud brokerage solution for SaaS and IaaS products. It automates order management, provisioning, and billing, and integrates to support ITSM, billing, ERP, and identity systems including Microsoft Active Directory.

MCubo Energy: MCubo Energy is a powerful platform that uses its own “best practices” to maximize your energy savings while safeguarding the environment. The proactive



Accelerate innovation with Consulting Services in Azure Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Azure customers can now easily maximize the potential of the intelligent cloud through newly released Azure Marketplace Consulting Services offerings. This announcement builds on the success of Consulting Services offers for Dynamics 365 and Power BI that are listed in AppSource and is part of our commitment to investing in the cloud marketplace to be the premier place to find, try, and buy trusted cloud solutions.

Whether you are seeking someone to help learn new skills in Azure, to handle the unique parameters of migrating a sensitive workload, or to create high-impact visual storytelling to drive business decision making, Azure Marketplace makes accessing this expertise easier than ever. The partners in Azure Marketplace can help you get started with confidence, rightsize, and optimize your cloud so you can accelerate your pace of innovation. These partners will provide tailored services and augment your internal capabilities, enabling you to grow your business quickly and securely.

The new offer provides assessments, briefings, implementations, proof-of-concepts, and workshops by Microsoft partners with a Silver or Gold cloud competency, such as Bright Wolf and Wipro. Each of these offers clearly presents what outcomes you can expect, delivered by a partner



Private Offers on Azure Marketplace
Private Offers on Azure Marketplace

At Build 2018, we announced the public preview of Private Offers on Azure Marketplace for single virtual machine offers, enabling publishers to create SKUs that are only visible to targeted customers. Azure Marketplace publishers are now able to create these private offers via the Cloud Partner Portal.


Private offers unlock the ability for publishers to create exclusive offers for their closest customers and offer customized software and terms to them. These customized terms enable publishers to light up a variety of scenarios.

Private Offers can provide specialized pricing such as discounts, long term pricing, and bulk software deals to targeted customers. Publishers can broaden the audience for the private offers as they make updates, thereby allowing them to run limited BETA releases. These releases can then be made public later with a few mouse-clicks. Special terms and offers can be entered into these offers enabling publishers to offer software with special agreements which must be agreed to while deploying software. Creating Private Offers and SKUs

For existing offers, publishers can easily create new private variations only visible to and purchasable by the targeted customers by creating new SKUs and marking them as private. Private SKUs must use a new



Azure Marketplace new offers: April 1–15
Azure Marketplace new offers: April 1–15

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From April 1st to 15th, 20 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

(Basic) Apache NiFi 1.4 on Centos 7.4: A CentOS 7.4 VM running a basic install of Apache NiFi 1.4 using default configurations. Once the virtual machine is deployed and running, Apache NiFi can be accessed via web browser.

Ethereum developer kit ( If you are looking to get started with Ethereum development and want an out-of-the-box environment to get up and running in minutes, this VM is for you. It includes the Truffle Ethereum framework, a world-class development environment.

xID: eXtensible IDentity (xID) is an open (standards based), modular (componentized architecture), secure (security built-in), and pluggable (adaptor-based integration approach) product built specially for delivering your organization’s identity management needs.

Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance: Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance helps you get a continuous view of security and compliance, putting a spotlight on your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. It’s a stateless resource that acts as an extension to the Qualys Cloud Platform.

FileCloud on Ubuntu Linux: FileCloud



Azure Marketplace new offers in March 2018
Azure Marketplace new offers in March 2018

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In March 2018, 55 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Kentico on Windows Server 2012 R2: Kentico CMS is a free edition web content management system for building websites, online stores, intranets, and community sites. Create, manage, and integrate communities socially to encourage conversations about your brand.

OpenText Process Suite 16.3 Marketplace Info VM: With intelligently automated, content-rich processes that you can quickly build and easily modify, Process Suite gives you the power to deliver a variety of new digital experiences with a much lower IT workload.

Content Suite 16 (January 2018): OpenText Content Suite Platform is a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) system designed to manage the flow of information from capture through archiving and disposition.

BigDL Spark Deep Learning Framework VirtualMachine: Deep Learning framework for distributed computing designed for Apache Spark architecture and highly optimized for Intel Xeon CPUs. Feature-parity with TensorFlow, Caffe, etc., without the need for GPUs.

Gallery Server on Windows Server 2012 R2: Gallery Server is a free, open source, easy-to-use Digital



BigDL Spark deep learning library VM now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

This blog was co-authored by Sergey Ermolin, Intel and Patrick Butler, Microsoft

BigDL deep learning library is a Spark-based framework for creating and deploying deep learning models at scale. While it has previously been deployed on Azure HDInsight and Data Science VM, it is now also available on Azure Marketplace as a fixed VM image, representing a further step by Intel to reduce deployment complexity for users.

Because BigDL is an integral part of Spark, a user does not need to explicitly manage distributed computations. A BigDL application provides high-level control “knobs”, such as the number of compute nodes, cores, and batch size, a BigDL application also leverages stable Spark infrastructure for node communications and resource management during its execution. BigDL applications can be written in either Python or Scala and achieve high performance through both algorithm optimization and taking advantage of close integration with Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL).

For more information about BigDL features and capabilities, refer to the GitHub BigDL overview and Intel BigDL framework.

What is the Microsoft Azure Marketplace? The Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace that enables start-ups, independent software vendors (ISVs), and MSP/SIs to offer their Azure-based solutions or services



Announcing Terraform availability in the Azure Marketplace

In addition to Terraform already being integrated to the Azure Cloud Shell, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the new Terraform solution in the Azure Marketplace. This solution will enable teams to use shared identity, using Managed Service Identity (MSI), and shared state using Azure Storage. These features will allow you to use a consistent hosted instance of Terraform for DevOps Automation and production scenarios.

The Terraform solution configures Terraform to use Azure Storage instead of the local file system for Terraform state. This remote state implementation will lock state when one user is changing it, to allow multiple users to consistently change the state of shared environments, such as production.

The template also configures a Managed Service Identity and provides a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) script that will allow this identity to provision resources in the Azure subscription using Terraform. This eliminates the need for managing Service Principal secrets for Terraform separately in automation scenarios such as continuous deployment with Jenkins.

Azure Terraform Provider updates

Development on the Terraform Azure Provider also continues at a furious pace, we passed the 1.0 milestone last December, and version 1.3 has already shipped. As we near complete coverage of



How to get more leads and close deals faster with Microsoft’s Marketplaces

Cloud software sales are rapidly increasing in both scope and magnitude. As more customers and businesses turn to cloud solutions for their business issues, the market for software solutions has exploded. The way customers are exploring these solutions is changing, too. Increasingly, customers are looking to online marketplaces as a way to discover, trial, and buy cloud solutions. A recent report by Forrester Consulting has reported that adoption of application marketplaces will likely rise from 29 percent to 75 percent in the next two years. 

Using a cloud marketplace such as Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace or AppSource has obvious advantages for customers. Business users, IT pros, or developers can access a global catalog of software solutions and services. For example, Microsoft offers convenient and trusted access to over 7,500 applications and service listings. Customers can instantly see peer reviews and ratings, and understand a solution’s fit for their needs with way less friction and time invested than traditional discovery methods. But customers aren’t just interested in the catalog size. Marketplaces also offer rich trial and test drive experiences that allows customers to experience a solution in a rich way that makes the leap from discovery to purchase much less daunting.




Announcing improved multi-member Blockchain networks now available on Azure

We see strong customer interest in the Blockchain solutions that are available on the Azure Marketplace. As customers build production Blockchain scenarios, we understand that network reliability and health monitoring become increasingly important. Today, we are excited to announce significant enhancements to our Ethereum on Azure offering. These improvements are the first of a series of releases designed to enable production-ready consortium Blockchain networks suited for enterprise scenarios.

Through our customer engagements, we have identified and rolled out the following improvements:

High availability of Blockchain network presence: As a participant on a decentralized network, your nodes’ presence in the consensus process is critical towards achieving a fair and secure network. To ensure high-availability, we’ve incorporated cross-region Azure VM Scale Sets (Azure VMSS) and Azure Managed Disks. In the case that a node goes down, Azure VMSS will automatically recover the node, and join it back to the Ethereum network.  As active nodes may change over time, we take care of maintaining an accurate boot-node list, allowing other members to join the network. Simplified deployment experience: Choosing the right network topology for your scenario can be difficult. We’ve invested significant effort into consolidating the various Ethereum network topologies into one experience, which allows



New offers in Azure Marketplace – February 2018

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In February 2018, 81 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

See details of the new offers below:

Sensitive Data Discovery and De-Id Tool (SDDT): SDDT simplifies and automates organization’s compliance with the GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR.

Actian Vector Analytic Database Community Edition: Vector is the world’s fastest analytic database designed from ground-up to exploit x86 architecture.

Dyadic EKM Server Image: Dyadic Enterprise Key Management (EKM) lets you manage and control keys in any application deployed in Azure.

Infection Monkey: Open against source attack simulation tool to test the resilience of Azure deployments cyber-attacks.

Maestro Server V6: The power of Profisee Base Server with GRM, SDK, Workflow, and Integrator.

BigDL Spark Deep Learning Library v0.3: Deep Learning framework for distributed

computing leveraging Spark architecture on Xeon CPUs. Feature-parity with TF and Caffe, but with no GPU required.

Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog: Discover and understand data assets across your enterprise with an AI-powered data catalog.