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Embedding #PowerBI (Power View) in WordPress blog

As announced on the Power BI blog a while ago, and also very well described on how to Embed your Excel Workbook into a blog or web page, it is actually pretty cool to embed a Power BI workbook with READ MORE



Quickblog: Is my Excel 2013 32bit or 64-bit? #powerbi

If you get close to Power BI or having to install Power Query, you probably have asked yourself the question: “Is my Excel 2013 32bit or 64bit?” Here is a very quick way to find out: Open a blank or READ MORE



Quickblog: unattended install of Power Query #powerbi

PowerQuery_2.20.3945.242 (64-bit) [en-us].msi, was announced by the Excel Team on 03/05/2015, if you have an older version installed, the above command will uninstall the older version as part of the upgrade process. It might be good to follow both the READ MORE