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Explore Build 2018 content with playlists
Explore Build 2018 content with playlists

If you couldn’t attend Microsoft Build 2018, now is your opportunity to do so online with Microsoft Build Live 2018. Learn about the cloud, AI, IoT, and much more. But as you browse the hundreds of recordings available, you may find it overwhelming to find the things that are the most relevant to what you want to learn. That’s why we organized select content into playlists.

Playlist: Migrate existing apps to the cloud

Simply select the playlist that is most interesting to you, and you’ll get our top picks for the most relevant sessions, resources, and expert interviews:

Migrate existing apps to the cloud – Learn the best strategy and which tools to use for migrating your infrastructure and applications to Azure. Extend existing apps with cloud services – Learn how to take your applications to the next level by using your current skills to use Azure services and let Azure do the heavy lifting for you. Learn to build cloud-native apps – Learn how easy it is to create a cloud-native application in Azure that is intelligent, performant, highly-available, and cost-effective. Add intelligence to apps using machine learning and AI – Learn how to use the power of



Devs imagine, create, and code the future at Microsoft Build

On Monday, May 7, more than 6,000 developers from more than 70 countries descended on the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, for Microsoft Build. From experienced coders to eight-year-old prodigies, the attendees were united by a passion for building apps for the intelligent cloud. To catch up on sessions you missed, check out the on-demand content.

CEO Satya Nadella kicked things off by talking about how the intelligent cloud will revolutionize every aspect of our lives. Alongside Executive Vice President for Cloud and Enterprise Group Scott Guthrie and Corporate Vice President for Windows Joe Belfiore, Nadella showed developers how they can use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to create transformational multisense and multidevice experiences.

In one keynote demonstration, attendees got to see how an audio-video device using Microsoft 365 and AI services could transform a common business meeting. Through the use of facial recognition, each attendee was greeted by name as they entered the room. The device even transcribed their speech in real-time, automatically assigning the text to the right speaker. Power BI was used to visualize data. Cortana, together with Microsoft Graph, created a summary of action items, automatically attaching the files that were mentioned.



Azure the cloud for all – highlights from Microsoft BUILD 2018

Last week, the Microsoft Build conference brought developers lots of innovation and was action packed with in-depth sessions. During the event, my discussions in the halls ranged from containers to dev tools, IoT to Azure Cosmos DB, and of course, AI. The pace of innovation available to developers is amazing. And, in case there was simply too much for you to digest, I wanted to pull together some key highlights and top sessions to watch, starting with a great video playlist with highlights from the keynotes.

Empowering developers through the best tools

Build is for devs, and all innovation in our industry starts with code! So, let’s start with dev tools. Day one of Build marked the introduction of .NET Core 2.1 release candidate. .NET Core 2.1 improves on previous releases with performance gains and many new features. Check out all the details in the release blog and this great session from Build showing what you can use today:

.NET Overview & Roadmap: In this session, Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter talked about all things .NET, including new .NET Core 2.1 features made available at Build.

Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter sharing new .NET Core 2.1.

With AI being top



Join Microsoft at Bio-IT World
Join Microsoft at Bio-IT World

The Bio-IT World Conference and Expo kicks off tomorrow in Boston. Microsoft is a platinum sponsor of this event. The research and product development being done in the life sciences and healthcare industries are having a tremendous impact. Many of these efforts require a large volume of computation. Bio-IT World is where thought leaders at the forefront of this work come together to share knowledge and help advance the state of the science.

Representatives from our genomics team will be on hand in booth #446 to showcase Microsoft’s solutions for secure and scalable genomics work. Our Azure Specialized Compute team will demo how Azure’s high performance computing offerings can help researchers get simple, managed access to the compute resources they need, whatever that need may be. In addition, our partners at DNAnexus will be presenting a demo in the Microsoft booth from 3:30 to 4:00pm on Wednesday.

Jason Stowe, Principal Group Program Manager in the Azure Specialized Compute team will be an instructor for the Bootstrapping your life science startup workshop on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday morning, he will introduce the plenary keynote. In this session, a panel of experts will discuss data science issues in life sciences.

Jason will



Spark + AI Summit: Data scientists and engineers put their trust in Microsoft Azure Databricks

Microsoft will have a major presence at Spark + AI Summit, 2018, in San Francisco, the premier event for the Apache Spark community. Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, will deliver a keynote on how Azure Databricks combines the best of Apache® Spark™ analytics platform and Microsoft Azure Data Services to help customers unleash the power of data and reimagine possibilities that will improve our world.

Azure Databricks, a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for Azure, was made generally available in March 2018. To learn more about the announcement, read Rohan Kumar’s blog about how Azure Databricks can help customers accelerate innovation and simplify the process of building Big Data & AI solutions. At Spark + AI Summit, we have a number of sessions showcasing the great work our customers and partners are doing and how Azure Databricks is helping them achieve productivity at scale.

Sign up for training on Spark!

On Monday, June 4, 2018 there are a number of full-day training courses on Apache Spark ranging from beginner to advanced that will enhance your skill set and even prepare you for certification on Spark.

Apache Spark essentials

This 1-day course is for



OpenShift on Azure: The easiest, fully managed OpenShift in the cloud

Today at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco, Microsoft and Red Hat will jointly demonstrate our OpenShift on Azure offering, the first fully managed and easiest to use version of OpenShift in the cloud. 

Since last year’s announcement about OpenShift Dedicated on Azure, based on customer feedback, Microsoft and Red Hat have created an offering that provides much more to customers than the original concept. It will be both fully managed and engineered to make it easier and quicker to use on Azure.

What do we mean by fully managed? OpenShift on Azure will be jointly engineered, operated, and supported by both Red Hat and Microsoft. As a fully managed service, it will be kept up-to-date, with a single unified bill, integrated support experience, and in all respects a native Azure service. Our customers told us that this “one throat to choke” was incredibly important and missing from other cloud-based OpenShift offerings, so we’re happy to be able to meet that need.

While customers can use OpenShift in many cloud environments today, the newly announced OpenShift on Azure makes it easier to set up and use with native Azure integration and leveraging the same Kubernetes engine that powers Azure



Azure Service Fabric at Microsoft Build 2018
Azure Service Fabric at Microsoft Build 2018

Two years ago at //Build 2016, we made Service Fabric generally available and since then, we’ve seen tremendous growth with enterprise customers across a broad range of industries taking advantage of Service Fabric’s extensive capabilities to lift/shift and modernize, build business critical SaaS, transform gaming apps, write secure financial platforms and create scalable IoT solutions on Azure.

Today, Service Fabric powers many Azure and Microsoft services such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Skype for Business, hosting over a million applications and running millions of cores daily. It is a platform for business critical applications. Less than two months ago, we began to open source the entire code base for Service Fabric (all 2.5+ million lines of code) starting our journey to a completely open development process on GitHub.

At Microsoft Build 2018, we are excited to share with you announcements and updates on the road ahead.

Adding serverless capabilities to Service Fabric

Earlier today, we shared our product roadmap and demonstrated Azure Service Fabric Mesh, which offers the same reliability, mission-critical performance and scale customers get with Service Fabric, but no more overhead of cluster management and patching operations. Service Fabric Mesh supports both Windows and Linux containers



Bring the power of serverless to your IoT application and compete for cash prizes

It is hard these days to not walk past something which is connected to the Internet in some way. These things are everywhere – desks, pockets, wrists, walls, kitchens, vehicles, factories, traffic stops, grocery shops… the list goes on and on. These things perform useful operations, gather data, and most importantly have built-in connectivity. There are endless possibilities to what can be achieved when the data from these things is securely captured, processed, and analyzed using the processing power, availability, and intelligence of the cloud. We want to explore these possibilities, with YOU!

Which is why we are inviting you to participate in the Azure IoT on Serverless hackathon for your chance to win* a piece of the $20,000 prize pool.

This online competition will run over the next few months, is open to anyone who wants to participate. In addition to winning cash prizes, this competition gives you an opportunity to be featured on the Azure blog.

All ideas are welcome, whether you want to work on that sensors-driven smart-home project you have been putting off, build a remote monitoring solution for a healthcare facility, create an intelligent system to streamline the manufacturing process of your production plant,



Microsoft Build: Come for the tech, stay for the party
Microsoft Build: Come for the tech, stay for the party

Looking forward to Microsoft Build? Now you’ve got one more reason. After three days of can’t-miss tech sessions and skill-sharpening workshops, we’re throwing an awesome party for attendees at Seattle Center.

We’ll celebrate with an evening of music, games, exhibits, and more at these world-famous Seattle sites, open exclusively to Microsoft Build attendees on the evening of May 9, 2018, starting at 7:30 PM:

Drop by MoPOP, designed by internationally acclaimed architect Frank O. Gehry, and lose yourself in the latest exhibition dedicated to your favorite comic books, Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about the greatest guitarists of all time, grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, the iconic Captain Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek crew, classic horror movies, sci-fi masterpieces, and more. The museum has tons of unique exhibits and hands-on experiences to check out. And you won’t want to miss the famous Sky Church with state-of-the-art acoustics and a soaring 65-foot ceiling — the perfect setting for the evening’s live music entertainment. Get your silent groove on at Next 50 Plaza, just outside MoPOP. Grab a headset, pick your DJ, and dance to your favorite beat in



Train an IoT-equipped drone and compete to win at Microsoft Build

Are you ready for Microsoft’s ultimate developer event? You probably already know Microsoft Build, happening May 7–9 in Seattle, Washington, is where you need to be to connect with the experts, discover new tools, and boost your skills around cloud technologies, AI, mixed reality, and more.

Sure, there will be great speakers and tech sessions galore—but did you know you could win a drone?

That’s right, we’re having a drone contest. Participants will compete against fellow conference go-ers on who’s drone can complete the outdoor search and rescue course designed specifically for Microsoft Build. You’ll get hands-on, end-to-end experience with Microsoft’s intelligent cloud platform, Azure IoT Edge, and be eligible to win a DJI Mavic Air drone.

How cool is that?

Here’s how it works

Contestants will create training images using AirSim, an open-source aerial informatics and robotics simulation platform. Then contestants will build and train a realistic AI drone model in the cloud using Custom Vision, and then create a container for AI deployment to Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. This intelligent cloud platform lets you run artificial intelligence at the edge of the cloud, perform analytics, deploy IoT solutions from cloud to edge-enabled devices, and manage them centrally