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Microsoft and Azure at the Game Developers Conference
Microsoft and Azure at the Game Developers Conference

Start Your Visit at the Azure Booth

We invite you to come to the South Hall Lower Lobby of the Moscone Center and stop by our dedicated Azure booth to learn how you can create a gaming empire by building on the gaming cloud that has powered Xbox for years.

The Azure booth will have a wide range of activities for game developers:

Come talk to experts about Azure, PlayFab, Visual Studio, App Center, Mixer, Xbox Live, Mixed Reality and more. Visit four stations to claim a custom, free Xbox controller, and enter to win an Xbox One X daily. Play our mixed reality game Pinball Lizard and take home the sample source code – and get the high score of the day to win an Xbox One X. Play Darwin Project, a 10-player battle royale that offers audience interaction through Mixer, with a shoutcaster moderating and streaming the action live. Attend one of the many in-depth theater sessions or watch one-on-one interviews with product experts across a variety of topics, directly in the booth.

The entire Azure expo experience will show you what’s possible, while giving you the tools and code on how to build it.

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Join Microsoft at the Rice Oil and Gas HPC conference
Join Microsoft at the Rice Oil and Gas HPC conference

Energy exploration, production, and reservoir monitoring are leaders in the private sector for big data and compute-intensive applications. That’s why energy companies have always used high performance computing (HPC) to aid in oil and gas exploration. This decision by these energy companies has proven to help reduce costs, impact on the environment, and improve the fidelity of subsurface data.

We’ll be at the Rice Oil and Gas HPC conference in Houston, Texas on March 12-13, 2018. Here we will talk about Microsoft’s commitment to providing the resources that HPC users need. Curt Smith, Big Compute Engineering Development Manager, will be presenting a plenary session covering how oil and gas companies use Azure’s offerings to address HPC and machine learning workloads. Azure allows customers to integrate their data management, compute workloads, and leverage technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

We’ll also have a booth in the exhibition area where attendees can talk to Azure’s HPC experts. Our booth is co-sponsored by our partners at NVIDIA, who will be available to talk about the benefits of Azure’s GPU-powered offerings for compute, deep learning, and remote visualization. You can also learn about our exclusive partnership with Cray that enables customers



Join Microsoft at Supercomputing Frontiers Europe

If you’re in Warsaw, Poland March 12-15, you’ll want to come and join Microsoft at Supercomputing Frontiers Europe. This conference is a great opportunity to come together with high-performance computing leaders and practitioners. Microsoft will be there to talk about how Azure enables our customers to run true HPC workloads in the cloud.

Associate Professor Dariusz Mrożek from Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice will deliver a keynote titled “Accelerating scientific discoveries in protein bioinformatics with Microsoft Azure cloud platform”. In addition, we will be delivering a half-day of hands-on workshops on March 15. The workshop will include:

Deploying Linux RDMA Infiniband cluster with Azure CLI. Deploying HPC cluster from CycleCloud template. Azure Batch AI training lab. OpenFOAM simulation in Azure Marketplace UberCloud container.

The workshop will demonstrate different ways of using Azure for running HPC jobs. Instructors will start with an introductory presentation of HPC services on Azure and the workshop environment, followed by a hands-on lab session in which they will go step-by-step with the participants through the lab content. Participants will also receive free Azure passes and will be able to execute the labs following the instructor guidance or at their own pace.

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Create tomorrow today with emerging tech at Microsoft Build
Create tomorrow today with emerging tech at Microsoft Build

This blog post was authored by the Microsoft Build Team.

On May 7–9, brilliant developers and industry game-changers will meet at Microsoft Build in Seattle, Washington. Creators of all kinds will gather to spark ideas, get inspired, and build what’s next. Save the date to register tomorrow for your ringside seat.

Spend three days exploring AI, mixed reality, cloud, data, and quantum. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Celebrate your community of tech pioneers with a keynote address by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and sessions led by leading developers behind solutions that are changing the world. Choose your own adventure with meetups, deep dives, and more. You can sample a bit of everything or focus on the area that most intrigues you. The schedule is yours to build. Get ready to code with demos and labs on emerging tech and push your edge toward mastery. There’s a wealth of learning opportunities that are just your flavor. Mingle with your tribe, bouncing ideas off product engineers, hanging out with new connections, or sharing strategies over one of Seattle’s famous brews.

Innovative software is transforming the world in remarkable ways—and you can be at the epicenter of it all



Using Qubole Data Service on Azure to analyze retail customer feedback

It has been a busy season for many retailers. During this time, retailers are using Azure to analyze various types of data to help accelerate purchasing decisions. The Azure cloud not only gives retailers the compute capacity to handle peak times, but also the data analytic tools to better understand their customers.

Many retailers have a treasure trove of information in the thousands, or millions, of product reviews provided by their customers. Often, it takes time for particular reviews to show their value because customers “vote” for helpful or not helpful reviews over time. Using machine learning, retailers can automate identifying useful reviews in near real-time and leverage that insight quickly to build additional business value.

But how might a retailer without deep big data and machine learning expertise even begin to conduct this type of advanced analytics on such a large quantity of unstructured data? We will be holding a workshop in January to show you how easy that can be through the use of Azure and Qubole’s big data service.

Using these technologies, anyone can quickly spin up a data platform and train a machine learning model utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify the most useful reviews.



Join on-demand recasts of Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database webinars!

In case you missed them, we’ve posted the Azure Cosmos Database and Azure SQL Database webinars for on-demand viewing. The first webinar takes a closer look at Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, multi-model database service that enables scaled throughput and storage across many geographical regions.  The second webinar shares how you can make the most of Azure SQL Database’s machine learning features to deliver intelligent apps to your customers.

Azure Cosmos DB – Easily build globally distributed, highly scalable applications

Building successful apps depends on having well-indexed and formatted data—regardless of how or where data is stored. With Azure Cosmos DB, you can build globally distributed applications without the hassle of complex, multi-datacenter configurations.

Tune in to this webinar and learn how you can leverage Azure Cosmos DB to:

Create lightning-fast globally distributed apps Model your app’s data using familiar tools and APIs Easily distribute data across multiple regions Fine-tune performance based on your application’s needs. Register to watch this webinar on demand. Build intelligent apps faster with Azure SQL Database

Applications benefit when machine learning intelligence is applied to its underlying databases to optimize performance. Intelligent apps can spot trends, react to unusual events, and make useful predictions



Azure brings new Serverless and DevOps capabilities to the Kubernetes community today, the Kubernetes community comes together at KubeCon in Austin, Texas, with the goal of making it easier than ever to use containers to modernize existing applications and manage new applications to drive digital transformation. Today and tomorrow we READ MORE