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Azure Service Fabric at Microsoft Build 2018
Azure Service Fabric at Microsoft Build 2018

Two years ago at //Build 2016, we made Service Fabric generally available and since then, we’ve seen tremendous growth with enterprise customers across a broad range of industries taking advantage of Service Fabric’s extensive capabilities to lift/shift and modernize, build business critical SaaS, transform gaming apps, write secure financial platforms and create scalable IoT solutions on Azure.

Today, Service Fabric powers many Azure and Microsoft services such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Skype for Business, hosting over a million applications and running millions of cores daily. It is a platform for business critical applications. Less than two months ago, we began to open source the entire code base for Service Fabric (all 2.5+ million lines of code) starting our journey to a completely open development process on GitHub.

At Microsoft Build 2018, we are excited to share with you announcements and updates on the road ahead.

Adding serverless capabilities to Service Fabric

Earlier today, we shared our product roadmap and demonstrated Azure Service Fabric Mesh, which offers the same reliability, mission-critical performance and scale customers get with Service Fabric, but no more overhead of cluster management and patching operations. Service Fabric Mesh supports both Windows and Linux containers



Bring the power of serverless to your IoT application and compete for cash prizes

It is hard these days to not walk past something which is connected to the Internet in some way. These things are everywhere – desks, pockets, wrists, walls, kitchens, vehicles, factories, traffic stops, grocery shops… the list goes on and on. These things perform useful operations, gather data, and most importantly have built-in connectivity. There are endless possibilities to what can be achieved when the data from these things is securely captured, processed, and analyzed using the processing power, availability, and intelligence of the cloud. We want to explore these possibilities, with YOU!

Which is why we are inviting you to participate in the Azure IoT on Serverless hackathon for your chance to win* a piece of the $20,000 prize pool.

This online competition will run over the next few months, is open to anyone who wants to participate. In addition to winning cash prizes, this competition gives you an opportunity to be featured on the Azure blog.

All ideas are welcome, whether you want to work on that sensors-driven smart-home project you have been putting off, build a remote monitoring solution for a healthcare facility, create an intelligent system to streamline the manufacturing process of your production plant,



Microsoft Build: Come for the tech, stay for the party
Microsoft Build: Come for the tech, stay for the party

Looking forward to Microsoft Build? Now you’ve got one more reason. After three days of can’t-miss tech sessions and skill-sharpening workshops, we’re throwing an awesome party for attendees at Seattle Center.

We’ll celebrate with an evening of music, games, exhibits, and more at these world-famous Seattle sites, open exclusively to Microsoft Build attendees on the evening of May 9, 2018, starting at 7:30 PM:

Drop by MoPOP, designed by internationally acclaimed architect Frank O. Gehry, and lose yourself in the latest exhibition dedicated to your favorite comic books, Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about the greatest guitarists of all time, grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, the iconic Captain Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek crew, classic horror movies, sci-fi masterpieces, and more. The museum has tons of unique exhibits and hands-on experiences to check out. And you won’t want to miss the famous Sky Church with state-of-the-art acoustics and a soaring 65-foot ceiling — the perfect setting for the evening’s live music entertainment. Get your silent groove on at Next 50 Plaza, just outside MoPOP. Grab a headset, pick your DJ, and dance to your favorite beat in



Train an IoT-equipped drone and compete to win at Microsoft Build

Are you ready for Microsoft’s ultimate developer event? You probably already know Microsoft Build, happening May 7–9 in Seattle, Washington, is where you need to be to connect with the experts, discover new tools, and boost your skills around cloud technologies, AI, mixed reality, and more.

Sure, there will be great speakers and tech sessions galore—but did you know you could win a drone?

That’s right, we’re having a drone contest. Participants will compete against fellow conference go-ers on who’s drone can complete the outdoor search and rescue course designed specifically for Microsoft Build. You’ll get hands-on, end-to-end experience with Microsoft’s intelligent cloud platform, Azure IoT Edge, and be eligible to win a DJI Mavic Air drone.

How cool is that?

Here’s how it works

Contestants will create training images using AirSim, an open-source aerial informatics and robotics simulation platform. Then contestants will build and train a realistic AI drone model in the cloud using Custom Vision, and then create a container for AI deployment to Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. This intelligent cloud platform lets you run artificial intelligence at the edge of the cloud, perform analytics, deploy IoT solutions from cloud to edge-enabled devices, and manage them centrally



Join Microsoft Build Live for the ultimate digital experience
Join Microsoft Build Live for the ultimate digital experience

Registration is now open for the Microsoft Build Live digital experience, May 7–9!

Microsoft Build Live brings you live as well as on-demand access to three days of inspiring speakers, spirited discussions, and virtual networking. Whether you can’t make it to Seattle or just want to enhance your on-the-ground experience at Microsoft Build, the livestream gives you another way to connect, spark ideas, and deepen your engagement with the latest ideas in the cloud, AI, mixed reality, and more.

Register for free and start designing your own personalized digital experience:

Learn: There’s a lot going on at Microsoft Build! Select your favorite, must-know topics and receive content recommendations. Then tailor your own feed for the speakers and sessions you most want to see. Curate: Prioritize what to watch live, and save concurrent sessions for on-demand viewing. Create and share your playlists and favorites with your dev peers. Participate: Engage in conversations with the most innovative minds in dev through live Q&As, chats, and session comments. And don’t miss the Drone Skills Search and Rescue Challenge – even if you can’t be there to build your own drone, you can watch and cheer on your favorites virtually. Sustain: Keep the



Propel your IoT platform to the cloud with Azure Time Series Insights!

Today we’re pleased to announce two key capabilities that Azure Time Series Insights will be delivering later this year:

A cost-effective long-term storage that enables a cloud-based solution to trend years’ worth of time series data pivoted on devices/tags.  A device-based (also known industry-wide as “tag-based”) user experience backed by a time series model to contextualize raw time series data with device metadata and domain hierarchies.

Additionally, Time Series Insights will be integrating with advanced machine learning and analytics tools like Spark and Jupyter notebooks to help customers tackle time series data challenges in new ways. Data scientists and process engineers in industries like oil & gas, power & utility, manufacturing, and building management rely on time series data solutions for critical tasks like storage, data analysis, and KPI tracking and they’ll be able to do this using Time Series Insights . 

Time series model and tag-centric experience

Time Series Insights’ current user interface is great for data scientists and analysts. However, process engineers and asset operators may not always find this experience natural to use. To address this, we are adding a device-based user experience to the Time Series Insights explorer. This new interface and the underlying time series



Microsoft at PostgresConf US 2018
Microsoft at PostgresConf US 2018

At Microsoft, our approach is to listen to customers and bring solutions and tools that can help solve their problems. It is at the heart of everything we do. It is the same listening process that got us to PostgreSQL, and a couple of years back we embarked on the journey to bring PostgreSQL as a fully managed database service on Azure. We reached a key milestone towards that journey when we recently announced the general availability of Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Attending community and customer events is always special for me – it’s an opportunity to engage with and learn from some of the leading minds in the industry. PostgresConf US 2018 is even more special given how much support we have received from the Postgres community and I look forward to meeting community leaders, customers, and partners at the event. I’ll also be joined by a few of my colleagues, and while you can find us at the Microsoft booth, you can also attend product deep dive session by Sunil Kamath and a GDPR session by Mark Bolz.

During my keynote at the conference, I’ll share some of our learnings leading to the general availability of Azure Database



The 3 ways Azure improves your security
The 3 ways Azure improves your security

Today we’re at RSA, and we are delighted to sponsor and participate in this industry event centered in security. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share our perspective on cloud security with Azure.

As we all know, companies worldwide are challenged by the ongoing volume of evolving security threats and with retaining qualified security talent to respond to these threats. In fact, the average large organization gets 17,000 security alerts each week, which results in an of average 99 days to discover security breaches. That contrasts with the less than 48 hours it takes for security breaches to grow from one system compromised into significantly broader issues.

As you look for solutions to address these challenges, Azure can help strengthen your security posture, while reducing cost and complexity. Thousands of companies and governments from all over the world including TD Bank, First Tech Credit Union, Geico, 3M, Rolls-Royce, state of Hawaii, city of Musson, and Heineken have chosen Azure as their trusted cloud. Azure provides value in three key areas – a secure foundation that is provided by Microsoft, built-in security controls to help you quickly configure security across the full-stack, and unique intelligence at cloud scale to help



Announcing new Azure Security Center capabilities at RSA 2018

Migrating your workloads to the cloud can enable some inherent security benefits. With cloud scale machine learning and security analytics, you can mitigate threats quickly, making your environment more secure and your organization more productive.

Azure Security Center provides centralized visibility of the security state of your resources and uses the collective intelligence from machine learning and advanced analytics to not only detect threats quickly but to help you prevent them. It’s agent-based approach helps gain deeper security insights from the workloads and extends these protections to workloads running on-premises as well as other clouds, providing a unified security management for you.

Today we are excited to announce several capabilities in Azure Security Center that will provide enhanced protection to help you keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity landscape:

Visibility and governance at the organizational level

Take advantage of a new overview dashboard to gain visibility into your security state from an organizational level instead of a subscription level. To help organizations identify and address the challenges of managing an organization-wide security posture, you can now set security policies for management groups in your organization. You can also monitor it with an organization-wide compliance score as well as a breakdown



From Microsoft Azure to everyone attending NAB Show 2018 — Welcome!

This blog post was authored by Tad Brockway, General Manager, Azure Storage and Azure Stack.

NAB Show is one of my favorites. The creativity, technology, content and storytelling are epic, as is the digital transformation well underway.

This transformation — driven by new businesses models, shifting consumption patterns and technology advancements — will change this great industry. What won’t change is the focus on creators and connecting their content with consumers around the world so they, too, can be a part of the story.

Microsoft’s mission is to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” We are committed to helping everyone in the industry — customers like Endemol Shine, UFA, Jellyfish and Reuters — do just that. With innovations across cloud storage, compute, CDN, Media Services and new investments in Avere Systems and Cycle Cloud, Microsoft Azure is ready to help modernize your media workflows and your business.

How? Well, queue scene…

Your productions are increasingly global and demanding. Azure can help.

Creators, media artists and innovators want to work together in a flexible, secure and collaborative way from wherever they are. More datacenters, in more regions of the world, than all competitors combined means