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Bring your own vocabulary to Microsoft Video Indexer

Self-service customization for speech recognition

Video Indexer (VI) now supports industry and business specific customization for automatic speech recognition (ASR) through integration with the Microsoft Custom Speech Service!

ASR is an important audio analysis feature in Video Indexer. Speech recognition is artificial intelligence at its best, mimicking the human cognitive ability to extract words from audio. In this blog post, we will learn how to customize ASR in VI, to better fit specialized needs.

Before we get in to technical details, let’s take inspiration from a situation we have all experienced. Try to recall your first days on a job. You can probably remember feeling flooded with new words, product names, cryptic acronyms, and ways to use them. After some time, however, you can understand all these new words. You adapted yourself to the vocabulary.

ASR systems are great, but when it comes to recognizing a specialized vocabulary, ASR systems are just like humans. They need to adapt. Video Indexer now supports a customization layer for speech recognition, which allows you to teach the ASR engine new words, acronyms, and how they are used in your business context.

How does Automatic Speech Recognition work? Why is customization needed?

Roughly speaking,