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How pharma sales operations benefit from centralizing data and process integration

Pharmaceutical companies need to meet demanding sales goals, manage intricate regulatory compliance, and maintain a competitive hold on the market. However, current sales force automation (SFA) solutions for the life sciences industry are focused primarily on sales reps, which leaves a large capability gap for sales operations departments and inhibits their ability to support the sales process.

Prescriber360 is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a comprehensive Pharma SalesOps solution designed specifically for the life sciences industry that can reduce, and even close, the capability gap.

Problem: Data spread out and unavailable

Pharma and biotech industries rely heavily on both internal and external data sources. However, most sales operations processes are currently performed manually in spreadsheets and without a centralized system of record. This makes it incredibly difficult to access and leverage that data.

The following problems often result:

Sales teams built around multiple therapeutic areas and prescriber specialties present a complex targeted environment requiring powerful systems and processes. Quarterly alignment processes require touching an entire customer universe, and it takes a lot of effort to update an SFA system with new information, maintain a history of changes to support incentive compensation (IC), and preview the impact of alignments on




SONiC: Global support and updates
SONiC: Global support and updates

Over the past few years, SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud), our open switch OS, has been in the fast lane. A diverse group of community partners have actively engaged with us to contribute and support the evolvement of the software.

SONiC is considered a live organism, always evolving. Microsoft and the community is developing, refining, and making SONiC freely available to anyone running global scale or cloud-type networks or just have a healthy interest in advanced networking.

Being in control of the network fabric and particularly having a hardware agnostic approach across larger heterogenous networks is critical. SONiC was created to provide those foundational attributes we ourselves needed when we set out to build our global network which powers both Azure and our other cloud services.

Recently, SONiC has received several enhancements and updates, along with additions to the ecosystem contributing to SONiC’s success.

Let’s take a look at what is new.

Global support now available

We are excited to see SONiC and its sibling SAI (Switch Abstraction Interface) being adopted by many global network innovators. Recently, both Dell EMC and Mellanox announced that SONiC will feature as switch OS options for customers using their respective hardware




Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 25
Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 25

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From October 16 to October 31, 2018, 49 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual machines

Astadia UI Automation Test Engineering Environment: Astadia’s UI Automation TEE integrates all the tools you need to deliver a proven automated testing platform for your browser-based applications. Grow your team from one to hundreds and eliminate testing bottlenecks.

NEC EXPRESSCLUSTER X HA/DR Software: This integrated solution for business continuity and disaster recovery with high availability protects your IT system.

Neo4j Enterprise VM: The Neo4j graph platform helps organizations make sense of their data by revealing how people, processes, and digital systems are interrelated.

nio IoT Platform: This is a running instance of the nio distributed IoT development platform with an embedded Pubkeeper server.

Office 365 Backup: CloudAlly’s cloud-to-cloud backup solution for the complete Microsoft cloud suite provides a simple, automated, and secure backup of your critical Microsoft business data.

Panzura Freedom CloudFS Panzura Freedom Filer




Microsoft and Intel donate Azure Hardware, AI Services to Advance Intelligent Edge Research at Carnegie Mellon University

Edge computing is one of the greatest trends that is not only transforming the cloud market, but creating new opportunities for business and society. At its core, edge computing is about harnessing compute on a device, closest to where insights need to be realized – on a connected car, a piece of machinery, or a remote oil field, for example – so these insights come without delay and with a high-degree of accuracy. This is known as the “intelligent edge” because these devices are constantly learning, often aided by AI and Machine Learning algorithms powered by the intelligent cloud. At Microsoft we see amazing new applications of the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud every day – and yet this opportunity is so expansive – the surface has barely been scratched.

To further advance inquiry and discovery at the edge, today we are announcing Microsoft is donating cloud hardware and services to Carnegie Mellon University’s Living Edge Laboratory. Carnegie Mellon University is recognized as one of the leading global research institutions. Earlier this year, the university announced a $27.5 million semiconductor research initiative to connect edge devices to the cloud. Today’s announcement builds on existing commitments to discovery in the field