New in Azure Synapse Analytics: CICD for SQL Analytics using SQL Server Data Tools



New in Azure Synapse Analytics: CICD for SQL Analytics using SQL Server Data Tools




At Microsoft Ignite 2019,weannouncedAzure Synapse Analytics,a major evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse.Thesame industry leading data warehousenow provides a whole new level of performance, scale, and analytics capabilities.One of these capabilities is SQL Analytics, which provides a rich set of enterprise data warehousing features.

Today we are announcing the general availability of the highest requestedfeature for SQL Analytics in Azure Synapse, SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) database projects. This release includes support for SQL Server Data Tools with Visual Studio 2019 along with native platform integration with Azure DevOps providing built-in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) capabilities for enterprise level deployments. This announcement also comes with support for the Schema Compare extension in Azure Data Studio for SQL Analytics.You can now expect a frictionless development and deployment experience on any platform for your analytics solution.

Flow diagram showing changes promoted across Development, Test, and Production environments using SSDT and Azure DevOps.

Since announcing preview support for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), customers have been able to use popular SQL Server Data Tools features such as Schema Compare, build, and publish for local development of their data warehouse.Althoughthis hashelpedcustomersaccelerateprojectdevelopment, an automated build, test, and deployment infrastructure isstill critical for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) scenarios.Without thenativeintegration with Azure DevOps, customers werestillforced tomanuallywritePowerShell and TSQL scriptsintegrated with Azure DevOps for an automated release process.

With SQL Server Data Toolsgenerally available and native Azure DevOps support,you cannowset up stable release pipelineswithout any custom code, andchanges to your data warehouse modelcan besafelyand automaticallypromoted across development, testing, and production environments.Preview customerssuch asT-Mobilewill now beable to accelerate theirfeature developmentwithAzure Synapse.

“In our current environment, we would have needed hundreds of custom scripts to validate and promote changes across our test and production environments. We’re excited to now simply use SSDT, MSBuild, and the Publish task in Azure DevOps to deploy and release features to production on a consistent and faster cadence.” –Anthony Sabol, Director, Reporting & Analytics at T-Mobile.

Integrate with Microsoft Azure Repos for continuous integration

Data engineers and developers caneasily integrate their SQL Server Data Tools database projects with Microsoft Azure Repos.

Using Schema Compare in SSDT showing how changes can be tracked using a Git repository in Azure Repos.

Configure continuous deployment using Microsoft Azure Pipelines

Changes committed to source controlin Azure Repos can automaticallybepre-validatedusingMSBuildandpromoted totarget environments using Microsoft Azure Pipelinesand thebuilt-inSQLAnalyticsdeploymenttaskextension.

Downloading the SQL analytics deployment task in the Azure DevOps marketplace.

Cross platform support for SchemaComparewithAzure Data Studio

Azure Data Studiois a cross-platform database tool thatnow allows you to compare the schemabetween twodatawarehouse definitions.

Using Schema Compare to generate change scripts in Azure Data studio.

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