Self-Service BI – the players are ready – GAME ON!



Self-Service BI – the players are ready – GAME ON!

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Self-Service BI – the players are ready – GAME ON!

With so many self-service BI offerings available, it is really hard to figure out which one you can take most advantage from within your business. Is it really possible to just go for one as your enterprise standard, or do you need to support multiple? Which one is going to win the battle? Do you go for Microstrategy, Tableau, Information Builders, Microsoft Power BI, IBM, Birst, Tibco, SAS or Qlik? Or is your environment struggling with the implementation of many?

In this session we’ll have a detailed drilldown into the more significant players in the world of Self-service BI.  Using a demo-centric approach we’ll dive into features, comparisons and most of all … results that lead into visualizations including mobile devices.

At the end of the session you’ll have a good understanding of the self-service BI offerings from multiple software vendors, with a clear understanding of its current capabilities and features. Which one you’ll use is up for you decide, do you go for beauty queen or data centric work horse?

This session is NOT pushing you towards any software vendor, it’s providing you with an overview of capabilities/features, likes and dislikes.