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The home of SQLBaremetal

The home of SQLBaremetal


When I initially provisioned a codeplex project back in 2011 named SQLBaremetal, the goal  was to “make my life easier and simpler”.
As a hands-on-lab content builder and someone that builds a lot of demos for presentations,  runs a lot of proof of concepts, and builds out dev/test environments, I realized early in my professional career that automation is the right thing to do.
So the goal of that automation was to provide a series of scripts, configuration guides that would make things easier for me to install, and there it was SQLBaremetal was born.It’s been great to see that over the years many people actually used the scripts I initially provisioned in 2011 based on number of downloads of the scripts and the many questions I got by email on the project.


Porsche356When Porsche built the 356 in 1948, it paved the success of the company and the model, and pretty soon more models would follow, built by the original owner. Now there’s been many replicas built of the Porsche 356, and I am sure that many car models have been modeled against the success of a brand, a standard, a recognition of name and quality. Some of those replicas actually have great performance, serious improvements and Kit Cars are easier to build than the original. (not to mention cheaper)

As any content author, it’s great to see how some people leverage your knowledge, bring improvements, make things better, but is it the right thing to do without referring to the original recipe or the person that created that recipe? Or would it be an opportunity to reach out to the original owner and say, hey I have some ideas let’s tackle it together.



As technology evolved, more capabilities in terms of usage of unattended scripts became available, and especially in a world of evergrowing PoSH (no, no, not the Spice Girls), more opportunities arise.
Just like with any other “fun project” however, time is often a major issue on releasing new versions, or even update to the latest edition and version of a project.
Well I have some good news! Over the past couple of months, when I decided to come back to the community of SQL Server I have made some significant progress in designing new and enhanced SQL Baremetal scripts that will go above and beyond and they will be captured in a recipe book: SQLBaremetal Workshops.


Over the next couple of months you’ll see me presenting on SQLBaremetal at a series of events, including SQL Saturdays, and leading up to planned Workshop deliveries across the United States and Europe.
That’s right, we are bringing 2 day in person events to you. Exact locations still to be determined but here are the locations planned:


June – Redmond, WA
July – TBD
August – Chicago, IL
September –  Belgium, location TBD
September – Netherlands, location TBD

Cost:  $199/attendee including materials

Do you want to organize a workshop in your area?

Are you a CPLS partner, a private organization or corporation?
Do you want to organize a workshop in your area? Please contact or  for details  availability and planning so we can go ahead and plan for your event

SQL Server 2016 and SQL Baremetal

As announced by Microsoft at Ignite in Chicago, we should be expecting a preview release of SQL Server coming this summer. And the good news is, as soon as those bits are available we’ll be ready to roll with an updated version of Baremetal, with ready to go scripts to blow off a full SQL Server 2016 loadfest.



SQLBaremetal is a non-registered trademark by Dandy Weyn (currently pending final registration).








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