Quickblog: unattended install of Power Query #powerbi



Quickblog: unattended install of Power Query #powerbi

Quickblog: unattended install of Power Query #powerbi

PowerQuery_2.20.3945.242 (64-bit) [en-us].msi, was announced by the Excel Team on 03/05/2015, if you have an older version installed, the above command will uninstall the older version as part of the upgrade process. It might be good to follow both the Excel team blog as well as the Power BI blog to stay up to date on the latest.

How many times have you installed the latest version of Power BI?
How about we make your life a bit easier and install it from the command line?

Install Power Query unattended in 3 steps:

1. Download the lastest version of Power Query here

2. Open an administrative command prompt

3. Type the following command line to install unattended with no user interaction

msiexec /i “PowerQuery_2.20.3945.242 (64-bit) [en-us].msi” ACCEPT_EULA=1 /quiet

To provide logging you can add the /lv logfile.txt and review if installation was successful.



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