Embedding #PowerBI (Power View) in WordPress blog



Embedding #PowerBI (Power View) in WordPress blog

As announced on the Power BI blog a while ago, and also very well described on how to Embed your Excel Workbook into a blog or web page, it is actually pretty cool to embed a Power BI workbook with Power View into a blog.

Since WordPress doesn’t necessarily handles iFrames that nicely to begin with, I am using the advanced iframe plug in, to display the following workbook.
Using the  plugin’s [ advanced_iframe ] code snippet it’s easy to provide the URL with guest access token to the workbook I published.

If the workbook doesn’t display through IE11, you should review this support article .

The following example allows you to interact with the workbook and filters, and is a very similar solution created using Power BI compared to the previous blog article I wrote on Tableau.
The visualizations shows the TOP 5 registered first names per state, as per SSA.GOV for 2010 – 2013.

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”a12e200e28789f0c86fa6bba81b1bb9d898f9410″ src=”https://ilikesql.sharepoint.com/TeamSite/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=xp5OhpRqcQRyoC5DjaBt9PlwGphZh9UXfOxeMKeMfTM%3d&docid=0213be942814d4db29127d0df1976d939&action=embedview&wdbipreview=True&wdHideSheetTabs=True” width=”780″ height=”600″ ]