My first attempt on a #Tableau dashboard embedded in my blog



My first attempt on a #Tableau dashboard embedded in my blog

Well, I’ve done a lot of visualizations with Power BI, and pretty sure a lot of people out there are using Tableau based on the very well attended Tableau event I attended about a week ago in Seattle.

One of the cool features that was re-emphasized was the broad use of Tableau Public to bring rich data visualizations that can be used to display and embed interactive visualizations directly within a blog article. So it was about time that I started building something myself right?

One of the first things I came to realize as I was building out a Tableau Viz, I need to spend more time using Tableau to really become productive with it. Before I realized I spent hours and ran way past midnight to have a dashboard ready to go.

Then I thought — well let’s embed it into my current blog, WordPress will support it right!
Oh goodness was I wrong … After I moved my TechNet Blog to WordPress, I thought the easiest way was to set up a blog using For sure, easy it was, my blog was up and running in minutes, but I came to the hard realization that the platform is soooo limited that the only option was to spin up a hosted wordpress blog with a hosting provider.

Since I have a bunch of domain names registered with GoDaddy, that was an easy step, so here it is, a Tableau workbook embedded directly into my blog article.
The dashboard shows you the TOP 5 most popular babynames across multiple states in the USA between 2010-2013.
Well Dandy isn’t one of them, but am sure there’s a lot of 5 years olds name Liam or Sophia, as you’ll discover.